Elevate Your Brand to New Heights with BluEdge Media

When it's time to elevate your brand's creative (sales decks, web/email, social campaigns), do you know where to turn? If your in-house creative team runs out of bandwidth, what options do you have? How do you bridge the gap when a campaign's ideal creative requires more expertise than your internal team can offer?

BluEdge Media can supplement your creative output with show-stopping visuals while allowing your busy team to stay focused on other tasks. We have guided brands through high-growth phases, special projects, and quick-turnaround opportunities. Read on for a list of situations where you might require the expertise of an experienced studio:

1. Your Internal Team is Maxed Out

Is your team already clocking extra hours on weekends or eating lunch at their desks? If taking on a new project means delaying other work or working overtime, it may be time to call in reinforcements.

We know that things can change quickly and last-minute opportunities come up. Your team might not have the bandwidth to tackle creative for a new campaign without your other projects suffering. BluEdge Media's team of master artists can help your team stay on track or get caught up.

2. It's Time to Expand Your Creative

If your creative is moving in a new direction, such as VFX, your team may lack the expertise to get the job done efficiently or effectively. If it's something your in-house team doesn't do very often, it will likely take multiple attempts or many revisions. At the least, it could take more time because they're not as experienced in this area. Any cost savings of not bringing in experts is lost when you account for the amount of extra time it takes to complete the project.

In addition, we can help you avoid mistakes, missteps, time-wasters, and budget-busters. And we're not just creating beautiful images. Our savvy team helps maintain a budget and a deadline. As our Director of Media Division, Joe Savattieri says, "We're always thinking about the end result. Just being creative [and cutting-edge] is fun, but ya gotta worry about the end result. What's the end purpose?"

3. You're Ready For a Real Creative Partner

Was your last creative studio just following orders or "checking a box," and not really delivering innovation or vision? Perhaps the creative producer was unreachable and unresponsive. Or maybe they were not being straight with you about who's doing the work.

At BluEdge Media, the person leading your project is in the same continent as you. This person does not change–they will always remain your main point of contact. This same person leads every conversation and knows the scope of your project. They understand your goals and maintain consistency from start to finish. Through all of this, we do not lose sight of your objective.

4. You're Searching For a New Perspective.

We work collaboratively across functions and departments. Everyone involved is "at the table" or "in the room." Through this process, we are able to choose the best way forward, ensuring efficiency and quality. You're benefitting from the perspective of the artist, creative lead, and other key team members to elevate your brand.

5. You Need Some Fresh Ideas

Starting with the discovery call, we'll work together to determine the best possible team to achieve your goals. We will decide who is the best fit to work on your project based on creative expertise, not based on an industry area. We don't just distribute work based on a vertical industry like beauty or automotive. Our artists work across industries, and bring ideas and innovation with them. You will benefit from best practices utilized in a number of industries by artists at the top of their field.