Get To Know Us: Account Executives & VPs

Recently, in order to learn more about our team, we decided to start off by conducting a brief interview. We asked this team 3 simple questions: 
  1. What did you want to be when you grew up?
  2. How did you find yourself working in creative production in NYC & what's your favorite thing about it?
  3. What do you see for the future of creative production/ digital art?

Curt Steyer

When I was a child I was fascinated with the documentaries about Jacque Cousteau and his travels around the world to study the ocean and sea life, so I wanted to be a marine biologist and do the same.

When I graduated from RIT, I went to work for a company in NYC that sold all types of commercial photographic products and film. Eventually, I went to work for one of my clients who was involved in creative production. My favorite part of working in production is to be a part of the creative process with our clients and to see the final outcome of working together to create beautiful still and moving images.

I believe creative content will continue to move toward being more interactive with the end user either in a digital space or with physical installations in the real world. People are motivated by experiences and creative production will need to be able to supply an experience for those who view and interact with the content. As technology continues to evolve this will come in ways we haven't even dreamed of yet!

Eric Reintz 

Haha. A ski bum, lol. I always knew I would play some role in emerging technologies that impacted the printing business. I grew up in press rooms (my grandfather was a manufacturer of printing equipment). They said I had ink instead of blood in my veins.

When I graduated from RIT, I went to work for a large retailer in the print purchasing department. I oversaw speciality catalogs and bill enclosures. About 6 months in, I knew I had to open a pre-media studio, approached my family, and laid out the idea. The rest is history.

The opportunities for great creative production studios are on the increase. Global reach and the ability to manage content across platforms is key. And with the metaverse in its infancy, the demand for content will only increase.

Joe Savattieri

Football player before reality set in. I knew it had to be something visual, and requiring attention to detail. These were my top interests and best skills as a youngster

I attended a vocational + technical HS for graphics, and then studied photography in college allowing me to learn the conventional side of the business alongside some of the top craftspeople in the trade. All of a sudden, a 30 year career doing something I love, never felt like work. I guess my favorite part would be helping people see their vision come to life, and whenever possible exceeding their own expectations. 

We now live in such a visual world, and that's how people are consuming information and receiving stories. I'd like us to understand this responsibility and use our creativity and visibility to inspire. 

Liam Doerr

Until I was 14, I was convinced that if I had enough startup capital and learned how to do kung fu, I could be Batman. Realistically, I always wanted to do chartered yacht trips in someplace like Martha's Vineyard or on the Hudson.

I was originally a film and tv freelancer for a while, but the hours were unpredictable. I wanted to enjoy a stable, long-term creative job. BluEdge Media allows me to be in projects and build client relations simultaneously. 

There has been a huge push towards metric based advertising, but you cannot put a price on beautiful creativity. In the next 10 years, we will see a combination of data-driven and beautiful, captivating art/advertising. Even more so than we've seen in the past decade. 

Delilah Johnson

When I was younger, I always pictured myself working in fashion and style. I loved sketching out outfit designs, sewing, and being crafty. I remember that when I was around 8 years old, I would set up a desk in my living room and pretend to be the boss of my own business. 

I found myself working in creative production when I realized that I want to combine my creative outlook with my love for community development. When I found BluEdge Media, I realized I could help them develop a creative following with a fresh marketing approach. My absolute favorite thing about digital creative marketing is building a supportive community. 

I see a greater potential for creatives around the world to collaborate on impressive projects thanks to the luxury of technology. After the worst of the pandemic, a lot of us learned that digital community is real and powerful.