Utilize the latest 3D applications to digitally build or re-create your assets. Capable of being utilized across multiple platforms such as video, still imaging, VFX, AR, and VR.

Create stunning visual effects to compliment or enhance footage. Create videos and animations for type, or stylized characters. Advance rig removal, rotoscoping, keying, compositing, color grading, and more.

Elevate your images with our team of advanced retouchers. Color grade, blemish removal, prep images for print, the possibilities are endless.

Our in-house application package can help develop an app custom for your business as well as give you access to the latest AR/VR tools to display your content in a new and engaging way!

Create custom print-ready designs for your product. Our highly experienced team will work with you through the proofing process to ensure speed, accuracy, and high quality results.

Starting with an amazing base image creates the foundation for a beautiful result. Our in-house partner, Spa Digital, produces stunning high-res photography and video.

BluEdge Media produces polished, customized images for your retail store efficiently and accurately.

If you have complex packaging and procurement needs, BluEdge Media has solidified strong relationships with the best manufacturers in the business. All specs and QC efforts funnel directly through our New York City studio.

Still or animated ads created with your goals and audience in mind.

We utilize augmented reality tools and assets to create interactive experiences for your customers and advertising content to make your products stand out.

If you are curious about how a product might look, our team will build you a custom prototype, so you can see your product in action before it actually exists. Whether it’s retouching, visual effects, or CGI, we will make your creative vision into something tangible.