Heaven Hill

CLIENT: Heaven Hill Brands
PRODUCT: Heritage Collection 17-year-old Bourbon Whiskey
WHAT WAS THE GOAL? Heaven Hill Brands was preparing to launch a new premium whiskey line. They approached BluEdge Media and tasked us with creating an artistic, yet photorealistic CGI rendering of their Heritage Collection 17-year-old Bourbon Whiskey. This imagery would then be used in social media and marketing materials. The catch? They needed it as soon as possible.
HOW DID BLUEDGE MEDIA APPROACH THIS PROJECT? To get started on this project, Heaven Hills Brands provided BluEdge Media with a sample bottle as well as reference photos. Our CGI team was able to use the bottle to get accurate measurements and create a 3D, digital wireframe of the Whiskey bottle. Our artists then used the provided photos to ensure that the coloring and styling of the whiskey and labels was true to life.
WHAT WAS THE OUTCOME? The marketing team at Heaven Hill Brands was extremely happy with the crisp, photorealistic image of the Heritage Collection 17-year-old Bourbon Whiskey.
TAKEAWAYS FROM THE BLUEDGE MEDIA TEAM: We were very proud of the outcome. The speed and level with which our CGI artists were able to create the final image was truly astounding. Heaven Hill Brands creates superb, legendary Bourbon, and our team at BluEdge Media produced a fantastic CGI rendering of it...all without spilling a drop!! Check out the before and after!