CLIENT: Denny's
PRODUCT: Denny's Menu Items
WHAT WAS THE GOAL? Depict realistic syrup consistency, highlight thickness of sauce and overall, display Denny's menu items as they are prepared to perfection.
HOW DID BLUEDGE MEDIA APPROACH THIS PROJECT? On multiple occasions, BluEdge Media digital artists conversed with Denny's creative team in order to properly execute a vision that met Denny's expectations. It should be noted that the Denny's team is moving forward with a more “stylized” approach to the food items appearing in their menus – particularly, on the covers. The direction was to have the syrup pour on the front cover positioned to interact with the Denny's logo and wordmark (created in CGI).

BE Media worked to satisfy Denny's expectations. For example, we worked on elevating the digital appearance of a display of Denny's popular Pumpkin Pie Pancakes. To perfectly convey the deliciousness of the Denny's food spread, we created a thicker and fuller caramel sauce on top of the pancakes, and we also realistically matched the appearance of a pancake stack with the reference provided. Additionally, we decreased the ink tone in the bacon in order to create an ideal well-done look. We also strengthened the darkness of the hash browns so that they would seem as though they were cooked to the right amount of crispness. Lastly, smoothing out the image also included removing stubble reflections from the salt and pepper shakers.

All while working for Denny's, we strived to deliver images of multiple menu items that showcased flawlessness and consistency. All components in each “scene” had to appear as though they were photographed in one, cohesive environment. This proved to be difficult in achieving the realistic interaction desired, as certain properties did not present themselves in the original photography. Although our masterful retouching artist was able to achieve this by “drawing” the subtle details, this took several rounds, and many hours. With our CGI and retouching talents and technology, we were ultimately able to create exemplary syrup pours, Coca-Cola splashes, etc. that mimic real-life action. In the end, with our dedication to our client and their requests, we were able to enhance content for Denny's and deliver a message of deliciousness!

WHAT WAS THE OUTCOME? All of our efforts in this project were for the sake of a seamless result. We wanted to create a final mouth-watering presentation while also staying true to the vision of Denny's creative team. In our last meeting, we proposed that in the future, they should consider producing “action” images in CGI, thus reducing the time and costs for photoshoots and extensive retouching. In addition, it would enable the creative team to repurpose the assets for use in web banners, social media, and even broadcast videos, with the addition of motion and animation.They can even be composited with live-action video footage and motion graphics. Simply provide any video footage, key art, a story board, and creative vision. It can all be done, seamlessly, at BluEdge Media in one, turnkey workflow.
TAKEAWAYS FROM THE BLUEDGE MEDIA TEAM: We value our client's plans and end goals. With our projects, we intend to exceed our client's expectations. By combining our creative mindsets and ability to listen, we can develop a plan and execute an end result that everyone can be proud of! We remind our clients that it is better to utilize resources and use time wisely when working with creative production teams like us. With each new project, we set out to take directions and plan accordingly while incorporating our creative abilities.
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