PRODUCT: A variety of animated posters/ visuals for popular HBO shows, including Westworld, Looking, VICE, and Game of Thrones
WHAT WAS THE GOAL? Our goal was to create eye-catching promotional visuals for several HBO shows and their premiere events.
HOW DID BLUEDGE MEDIA APPROACH THIS PROJECT? For all four HBO projects, we planned animations according to the theme and subjects of the show.

We worked on an animated poster, which was created for a premiere event. We made a 3D model of a ring and character from the show. We 3D projection-mapped the image onto our model, then rigged the whole thing to animate the spinning mechanism and breathing, as well as background elements like swaying grass and clouds.

For this project, we crafted an animated poster to be shown on a kiosk outside a movie theater at the premiere movie showing. Elements of this work were extracted from the poster image provided. With the help of Adobe After Effects, everything was animated, including the camera move, ocean waves, neon lighting, and atmosphere.

For VICE, we created an animated poster from the show's key art. A character was modeled, rigged, and posed to run and land in a standstill position. The background and foreground elements were all created and animated from scratch to match the key poster frame. This included the ground elements, explosions, dust debris, and atmosphere.

Game of Thrones
A small piece was created for a late-season HBO internal event. At the time, no art or visuals had been released, so much of the board was developed and worked from scratch. Our goal was to deliver a piece that would convey the upcoming season without giving anything away. All elements were sculpted and created from scratch.

WHAT WAS THE OUTCOME? These projects launched during HBO's various premiere and promotional events with much success. HBO was pleased with our skilled work and attention to detail.
TAKEAWAYS FROM THE BLUEDGE MEDIA TEAM: As always, we impressed ourselves with our ability to create attractive animations from scratch while staying true to HBO's themes and creative vision. Working with HBO was a great opportunity to build our animation repertoire, and these experiences have made our team even more eligible for new animation opportunities with future clients.
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