CLIENT: Samsung
PRODUCT: Galaxy Fold (1st release)
WHAT WAS THE GOAL? To demonstrate the Productivity feature set of the device, and how it will change the shape of business.
HOW DID BLUEDGE MEDIA APPROACH THIS PROJECT? The visuals were comprised of various components that, when merged together, would display (2) scenarios for static imaging (optimized for web & OOH)

Retro: Office worker in an 80s-style environment. Separate images were provided to be seamlessly merged together, inserted, and extended to fill full background and foreground. There were several challenges that included pattern-matching, and changing lighting direction and transitions. Modern: Direction included: Seamlessly extend set left and right with the plates provided / Center the hanging light over the table / Extend the wall out at top of frame / Straighten vertical wall lines so straight up and down (eliminate wide angle distortion).

WHAT WAS THE OUTCOME? The client was extremely satisfied and impressed with our teamwork and ability to realize the creative vision of the campaign, resulting in additional requests for scenarios that highlight 3 more feature sets of the device. Deliverables included optimized files for static imaging on the web, OOH, and print ads. Also included, was product imaging that included an eight-frame gif image that demonstrated how the device opens and closes.
TAKEAWAYS FROM THE BLUEDGE MEDIA TEAM: Given the tightest of deadlines, the BluEdge Media team was always accessible, readily-available, and instantaneously responsive.
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