River's Edge Luxury Retirement  

CLIENT: Seiden Advertising for River's Edge Luxury Retirement
PRODUCT: Architecture visualization pipeline
WHAT WAS THE GOAL? To successfully carry out the architectural visualization process, based on architectural instruction and pre-determined building plans
HOW DID BLUEDGE MEDIA APPROACH THIS PROJECT? River's Edge, a luxury retirement community, wanted to start advertising for a new building development before a finished model. It was up to our team to set up the building model, in a realistic and compelling setting. To start, we set up a drone photo shoot with 929 Media, a company specializing in real estate marketing and drone photography. With drone photography of the vacant property and the architect-supplied structural design plans, we completed the desired CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), model of the building. During the architectural visualization process, we dropped the building render into the empty landscape from the drone photo shoot and removed existing elements to establish the desired picture of what the client planned to promote. During the process, we smoothed out the surrounding area, eliminating imperfections to display a visually appealing final look.
WHAT WAS THE OUTCOME? We supplied the client with a finished image for them to promote their new development and pull in new residents for the retirement home.
TAKEAWAYS FROM THE BLUEDGE MEDIA TEAM: We can combine a lot of disciplines, such as aerial photography, drone photography, CGI, CAD files, and architectures plans. In the end, we produced a breathtaking image of a future building.