Uber Eats

CLIENT: Anomaly LA
PRODUCT: Uber Eats x Sweetgreen OOH Campaign
WHAT WAS THE GOAL? Using client-supplied style guide, build-out 28 OOH layouts. Both for print and digital use.
HOW DID BLUEDGE MEDIA APPROACH THIS PROJECT? There were four different creatives to work around. Four different groups of people that encompassed the consumer. Client also supplies verbiage to accompany the images. If it is going to be a square, the image should live on this half of the square. And if it's going to be horizontal, bring the image to the left, the image goes towards the right and the words go towards the left.

We had to use our imagination to figure out how to execute 28 layouts interesting and unique. We had to re-format for all these different creatives and all of these different styles. This was a multi-media project that would be use for print and digital. They came to us for the prep work, layout work, and then the release to the layout company that then deployed the digital artwork. These lived in the NY, DC and LA Markets.

WHAT WAS THE OUTCOME? 28 bright, beautiful layouts that highlighted a new collaboration for Uber Eats and Sweetgreen.
TAKEAWAYS FROM THE BLUEDGE MEDIA TEAM: Rising to the occasion and creating multiple printed and painted OOH pieces is a truly collective effort between our creative teams and clients. With each project of this size, the BLUEDGE MEDIA TEAM becomes more and more flexible and confident that we can produce beautiful things at any scale.
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