Walrus Advertising for Lowes Foods

CLIENT: Walrus Advertising for Lowes Foods
PRODUCT: Lowes Foods Billboard
WHAT WAS THE GOAL? We were tasked with retouching and preparing billboard printing for the images we were given by Walrus for Lowes Foods. All throughout this process, our main goal was to prioritize maintaining the brightness and high quality of the images.
HOW DID BLUEDGE MEDIA APPROACH THIS PROJECT? This project was brought to our attention by Walrus, Lowes Foods' advertising agency. They asked us to retouch some images for the Lowes Foods billboard. Lowes Foods wanted to depict a pocket knife, showcasing their array of products. With our retouching expertise, we created the flame on the candle, added saturation and color to the sandwich, developed drop shadows, added water droplets and green carrot tops, etc. In addition to retouching, we had to prepare all the files and optimize the images for large out of home printing. For out of home or large billboard printing, we must always make sure that the high quality of the images is maintained. Therefore, we pride ourselves on our ability to pay close attention to small details during this process.
WHAT WAS THE OUTCOME? This campaign was strategically placed in the South, where Lowes Foods is located. The advertising goal was to demonstrate the versatility of Lowes Foods and their wide variety of offerings as a grocery store. In the end, our retouching and printing preparation was a success since image quality was preserved and well-received by the public.
TAKEAWAYS FROM THE BLUEDGE MEDIA TEAM: As always, we were pleased with the final product of this project. We made sure to complete everything in a time-efficient manner while paying close attention to producing quality work. Overall, we are grateful for any opportunity to help our clients with retouching or out of home printing.