York Films

CLIENT: York Films
PRODUCT: Video logo
WHAT WAS THE GOAL? To create an iconic animation that would be an undeniable representation of NYC when it is shown on the ‘big screen.'
HOW DID BLUEDGE MEDIA APPROACH THIS PROJECT? We were determined to give our client options and narrow down a final product that showcases the York Films logo in accordance with the client's vision. We received the existing title card animation and reviewed the problems the client had with it. We then took the vector logo into Maya and animated several versions to give the client some creative treatment options that would be less disorienting and more importantly, showcase the logo without obfuscation (a point of contention with the original). We continued to revise the original animation until the client was completely satisfied.
WHAT WAS THE OUTCOME? After deciding on the motion, we looked to create a general feel and palette. The request was for a steely metallic logo and atmospherics while retaining the “film” theme, so a general bluish hue, bokeh effects, and light shafts to emulate projector lights and camera frustum were composited to arrive at the final product. The client was quite pleased with the final product!
TAKEAWAYS FROM THE BLUEDGE MEDIA TEAM: With this project, we recognized that it was important to listen to our client's changing feelings and ideas so that we could guide them in a direction that would bring their vision to life. We're thrilled we got the opportunity to produce this impactful title card that will set the stage for all of York Films productions.