Creatives, Embrace the Unique World Around You!

"I don't think about art when I am working, I try to think about life."

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Living in NYC, we are surrounded by creative people, many who dwell on the pressure of fast-paced work life. We encounter stress from our environments, and we learn how to adapt to stresses by turning to healthy coping within creative communities. Working in a creative field means that at times, it is easy to get overwhelmed by tasks. When this happens to us as artists, we need to re-harness our creativity and try to let our art be a way for us to step back and remind ourselves of the life we love as creatives.

The life we love as creatives brings us closer to a world of artistic possibility. Our art and work can encourage others to see their everyday lives with new positive perspectives. When we look at nature, we do not just see the way that the leaves fall off the trees or the way that water flows rapidly. Rather, we see inspiration for our work, our VFX designs, or CG pieces. When our team works on a CGI design for a common retail item, like a pair of shoes, we consider how the work we do plays a large role in the process of creating a product that many people around the world rely on daily. The biggest takeaway for creatives like us is that even though the world around us never slows down, our work can be a positive reflection of our artistic purpose. We encourage artistic professionals everywhere to view the world around them in a unique way. We need to remember to try to enjoy our work and find a balance between work and art by slowing down and redefining our work with purpose.